Pterodactyl Problems - Esoteric Hobbies (album review)

Pterodactyl Problems               
Esoteric Hobbies
Pterodactyl Problems
08 March 2019

Esoteric Hobbies Album_v3.jpgThe thing I hate most is that you good people have to wait until the end of March to rock out to Pterodactyl Problem's Esoteric Hobbies. This totally sucks for you. Meanwhile, I'm over here doing a boot scooting boogie to something that is just gobsmackingly amazing! Within the first strains of the opening track I'm like... oh no they did -ent. OH Yesh, they fucking DID!!!! And it spiraled out of control from there. There is this swagger. This in your face fuck you! I love it. What does it sound like? It's like the Beatles, George Harrison, Rival Sons, Primus, DMB, type mish mash cornucopia of amazement! It's hard to categorize something sooooooo, just so. The guitar playing is amazing. It's super tight. The bass playing complements it and the drumming is bombastic and loud yet restrained and technical.

I doff my cap to Pterodactyl Problems:
Davey White: guitar and vocals
Jack Neila: guitar
CiarĂ¡n Neely: guitar and bass
Oliver Salathiel: drums

By 'Alone in the Cold' I was a super fan. It's like this Weezer type 90s college radio frenetic punk rock pogo-ing anthem. I truly love everything about it. 'Crazy' is a wonderful should be in an Off Broadway musical. Totally going to play this song  over and over again! "... crazy wants what crazy wants and crazy knows what crazy is and I'm not sure if you agree but now I know crazy...." Dear God, I love those lyrics! It's so me! Like they wrote this album for me. And when you get to hear it in February, you'll be convinced they wrote the album for you! 'Breathe' is just a punch to the gut. The song is plaintive and emotive. It's beautifully written and flawlessly executed. I think my heart was ripped out while listening to it. It hurt to listen to it. Can I give Pterodactyl Problems a writing award for 'Breathe'? Lyrics and Composition? 10 out of 10?

Everything about the album Pterodactyl Problems elevates music. The compositions on Esoteric Hobbies are well crafted. They are fresh and invigorating. The lyrics are personal and touching. This is an album for all types of music lovers.

10 out of 10